Get out of your comfort zone

Comfort zone. The place where everything is safe and sound. But there’s not much things that grows here.

Some people have a larger comfort zone than others. I still believe that it’s important to challenge yourself once in a while and step out of your comfort zone.

Personally I had a small comfort zone and I had a hard time going outside of it. This was something I worked on a lot and today my comfort zone is bigger. I also think it’s more fun to step out of it once in a while.

What do you have to do to step out of your comfort zone? Is it speaking in public? Wearing a swimsuit in the summer? Jumping on that big jump? Try something new? Wearing that dress you bought a long time ago or maybe you have to do the more extreme like sky diving or climb a mountain?

Whatever you have to do to step out of your comfort zone i believe we all should do it sometimes. It might be frightening right before you do it, but afterwards you’ll have a good feeling about doing it. You’ll be proud of yourself because you did something that wasn’t so “safe”.

I stepped out of my comfort zone not long ago when I went skiing and challenged myself to go a bit faster than I normally would. And I’m so happy I did, because now I feel great about it and I want to do it again.

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